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"As a former professional ballerina, Angelo's work is incomparable."
- C.F.
Angelo Giordano's strong refined technique and his innate comprehension of the human body’s muscular anatomy coupled with his holistic approach has enabled me to stay at my physical best as a dance instructor. As a former professional ballerina, Angelo's work is incomparable.

Christina Fagundes, formerly of American Ballet Theatre
"He has made a tremendous contribution to the well being of my family."
- S.W.
Angelo has worked extensively with myself and two of my children and he has made an “almost too good to be true” difference in our lives.

Angelo began working with my son when he was ten years old as the massage therapist on a “three-part team” (with a chiropractor and trainer) to cure my son of severe scoliosis which developed as the result of numerous surgeries for an unrelated birth anomaly. His spine was bent at 25 degrees and his trunk was rotated so much that it appeared he had only one pec and one shoulder blade. His hamstring range-of-motion was only 30 degrees. Running was difficult and awkward. But now at age 17 his spine is straight; he has two pecs and two shoulder blades; his hamstring range is 90 degrees; and he plays varsity soccer and runs varsity track for his high school team! Angelo’s technical skill was obviously paramount, but his warm and inviting demeanor gave my son the comfort level that allowed him to receive the treatment in optimal fashion even after having had enough of medical intervention in his young life.

My twenty year-old daughter came home from her sophomore year at college complaining of great pain in her jaw due to TMJ and a fear she would need surgery. Her dentist recommended massage therapy (along with adjustments to her night guard and bite). After her first session with Angelo she said it felt much better. Six weeks later she is pain free and looking forward to going back to school without this debilitating discomfort in her jaw! The dentist was impressed as well. Previously my daughter had worked with Angelo to address a chronically tight low back and pelvis as a result of a childhood accident. Angelo treated her regularly during high school and she captained all three seasons of high school track and made “States”. Again, Angelo’s ability to put this teenage girl at ease to receive the treatment was key.

I am 58 and have had ten orthopedic surgeries as well as thoracic surgery. Prior to working with Angelo I also had a chronic case of plantar fasciitis and spent large sums on various orthotics without much satisfaction. I have received massage from Angelo for seven years. I now swim regularly, I weight train and I am a high school teacher and am on my feet all day....without orthotics and without pain. I move with ease. I have felt better these past years than I have for decades. Plus, though not proven via research studies, I attribute the fact that I never get sick (even in a high school with germs and sickness everywhere) in significant part to the positive impact on my immune system that massage therapy plays.

Angelo works his magic with a combination of technical skill, ability to put clients at ease and an incredible intuitive ability to be inside the client’s head and body to know just where to go, how much pressure to apply and at just the perfect angle. He has made a tremendous contribution to the well being of my family.

Steve Weintraub, Westport, CT
"Angelo has a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and is extremely caring in the services he renders."
- J.K.P.
Angelo has a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and is extremely caring in the services he renders. He is interested in his client’s overall welfare and will often follow up to see how they feel as the result of his massage. Never found anyone better.

J.K.P., Weston, CT
"...skilled, compassionate, empathetic and committed to remaining current in his field."
- S.G.
I became a client of Angelo Giordano when my previous massage therapist left the area and I was looking for someone who was particularly skilled at deep tissue massage. I have been a regular client of Angelo's for more than five years. He is skilled, compassionate, empathetic and committed to remaining current in his field. I feel better because I work with Angelo!

S.G., Wilton, CT
"Truly a professional! Truly caring!"
- R.R.
Angelo has helped me tremendously over several years of massage therapy. His work has helped to significantly lessen the number and frequency migraines I had resulting from muscular strain. By establishing a consistent schedule of therapy, he is able to know exactly what is needed from visit to visit. He always follows up within the days following the session to make sure I'm integrating the therapy well. Truly a professional! Truly caring!

R.R., Artist, Fairfield, CT
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